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When you trade with a list which has a higher probability of moving in your direction, you typically get:

    • More profits
    • More winners
    • Bigger winners
    • Less losers
    • Smaller losers
    • Smoother equity curve
    • Better compounding
    • Less stress
    • An easier trading journey

In fact, it\'s more of everything you do want and less of everything you don\'t want!

Picking the right stock is fundamental to trading success. it can either transform or ruin your trading.

With the right tools, you can keep this critical task under your own control -- do it yourself! Create your own high-performance stock list in minutes.

  • 32 Market sectors ranked by relative strength performance
  • 206 industries ranked by relative strength performance
  • Over 4000 stocks ranked by relative strength performance, and organized Into their industries and sectors
  • Find the strongest stocks, in the strongest industry, in the strongest sector - perfect top down analysis in seconds

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Like you, I was frustrated by the lack of reliable trading information which would lead to a consistent edge in the markets.

After many years of searching, researching and trial and error, I knew for sure that relative strength is an effective method of stock selection. It just plain works.

Proven by the math nerds

After all, the probability that relative strength will persist has been statistically proven by the math nerds in the academic community.

Used by hedge funds

And, even more tellingly, relative strength is in use in the market right now by some very large hedge funds.


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